Things I Hate

Written February 7, 2011

Things I hate . . . . .  

Eating alone

Washing my back 

Sleeping alone

Waking up to a day off

Leaving work on Friday evenings

Thinking about living the rest of my life without you

February 12, 2011


Next month: find something new 

This month: get over you 

This week:  I’ll summon you back

Today: survive

February 20, 2011

Help me up my friend

dust me off

feed me warmth

and comfort me with words

let me lean on you until I can stand tall

and bare to be alone

and you will be proud to have a friend like me

I promise

February 28, 2011

Though my tears, sadness, and pain

comes the one thought that saves me

and makes me smile:

I have loved

About TRatner

Terry Ratner is a freelance writer, registered nurse, and writing instructor in Phoenix, Arizona. In June of 2004, she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative nonfiction from Antioch University, Los Angeles. Writing has always served a purpose in her life, but it wasn't until her son died in a motorcycle accident in March, 1999, that she began to publish her works. What's unique about Terry is the way she balances the life of a nurse with the life of a writer. "Nursing allows me to give back to the community and then write about those experiences." Ratner teaches creative writing in a variety of settings from community colleges to a school for homeless children (Thomas J. Pappas) to wellness communities throughout the Valley of the Sun. In 2004, Terry launched an Arts and Healing program for children undergoing dialysis at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. She has published numerous personal essays, cover stories, interviews, and book reviews for a variety of national and regional publications. Her manuscript, a work in progress, features a series of twelve essays, ten of which are introduced with black and white photos, dealing with issues of family and identity.
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